Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Yay yours truly was featured on YELP ! Here's a screen shot I took the other day. This is my 4th ROTD which means Review of The Day(3/14/10) on Yelp !!! Aren't you guys proud of me? ahahah jk jk For those who don't know what yelp is, it's an online website to look-up and review resturants, hotels, salons, car repair companies, etc. I really love this site to be honest, it's a great way to find new places to try out and also check out food pixs ahahah

Here's a link to all my reviews, check them out!!! ^ ^

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Dimples ! Yesss~ ^ ^

Got a question for you !

How do people get dimples? 0.0?

P.S. Checkout my YouTube please ^ ^

Free Lip Gloss from Benefit !!!

Good Morning Ladies ! Just wanted to let you know I got my hands on a special promotion code ^ ^ With any purchase of $50 with Benefit Cosmetics, you'll receive a FREE lip gloss of your choice ! It's a $18 value. You have 8 different shades to choose from. My personal favorite is " Kiss You ". Put the items you want in the shopping cart along with the lip gloss color of your choice, upon check out just add HOTLOOKS and you're all set !

p.s. this promo code will end 3/15/10

Monday, March 8, 2010

Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland is finally out in theaters !! I just saw it with one of my girlfriends the other night and I was so good !!! Originally I had no intentions of watching it because from the previews I looked rather scary...=/ But now I'm really glad I watched it ^ ^ It's a very touching story and Johnny Depp did a marvelous job playing Mad Hatter. I'm also excited and even more inspired to use my Alice in Wonderland Palette by Urban Decay I bought last month from Sephora. You know when you get something brand new and it's so pretty that you just dont want to ruin it lol well that's one of the reasons why I haven't played with it yet and also the palette is a limited edition collection ^ ^

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Mini Slurge

After class I went on a mini splurge =x BUT with my christmas giftcard ! ahaha Took a trip to Forever21 and bought 1 mickey mouse tank, 1 skirt and 3 necklace ^ ^ Can't wait to wear them !! ^ ^ Haven't decided which outfits to go with the necklaces yet,but I'm sure I can piece something together.

After my mini splurge at Forever21, drove over to McDonalds !! muahahha and ordered myself a mini McChicken meal along with a small side salad ^ ^ And it's all under $5 ! What a deal ! ahahah Yes I actually finished it all and it was soOoo GOOD ! lol

Sparkle, Glitter and Bling !

Other then makeup and hair, I really love getting my nails done. Luckily, I found a great place that does a really great job. Although I have to tell them where to place the gems lol I recently got my nails done just french white glitter tips with pearls and rhinstones to give them some sparkles ^ ^

As for makeup I love using glitter as well, especially if my clients are going for the evening look. It's a great way to brighten and make your eyes stand out more.

Being random here's a pix of my iphone ^^ Gotta bling that out too ya know ! ahaha

Monday, March 1, 2010

Highlighter and contour in one sexy sweep

This post is for Sandy who previously asked about Benefit's Perfect 10(box o' powder), which is a bronzing & highlighting face powder duo. The pink shimmer on the left makes the skin appear softer and highlighting while the right half bronzer help with contouring, to pronounce your cheekbones more. If you don't have cheekbones like myself it really helps achive the illusion of having cheekbones. ^ ^

1. Don't use the brush that's included, it picks up too much powder, so I highly recommond any fluff brush.
2. You can always suck in your cheeks or pucker up lol in order to know where to apply bronzer. As for highlighter apply on top of the cheekbones.^^ Don't worry, no one is watching lol I do it too, see ! lol