Monday, June 14, 2010

Circle Lens - Super Nudy Blue

I recently bought a pair of circle lens from
They have a wide selection of different colors, sizes, patterns of
circle lenses. In the end I decided on their Wonder Eye Blue
(Super Nudy Blue) which is shown in the picture below.^ ^

Item details
Weight: 0 kg, 100 grams
Brand: Wonder Eye
Diameter: 14.7mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.6mm

These lens really enlarged my eyes alot,but tends to make
them a bit on the dry side. The color isn't as bright as
in the photos unless you use flash,but I still like them.


  1. look stunning in that second photo ! kinda reminds me of that girl from 'memoirs of a geisha' movie

  2. Very pretty! I suppose any lense would look good on you. :3 I don't think the Nudy line shows up as bright in photos but I love the Nudy brown ones. :3

  3. ooooo!! that's sooo pretty!
    I want some new blues!! :P

  4. ooo it suits u! :) and very big too

  5. I think it looks nice on you :) I like that the colours are darker so it doesn't look so unnatural. Circle lenses have a tendency to make my eyes feel dryer too unfortunately :/

  6. woOOO nice blue! I think dark blue looks really nice on you. I have the Barbie Blue ones... and They are similar =P. You should give them a try next time!

  7. looks very pretty on u :D

    i´m a new follower btw nice blog ^^

  8. Oh that's very cute <3
    To tell the truth I never liked it when it looks too fake and that looks gorgeous on you <3

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  10. i purchased the same one from this website a little bit cheaper than pinkyparadise. thanks for the review ^^

    Jenny 'xo