Thursday, March 4, 2010

Mini Slurge

After class I went on a mini splurge =x BUT with my christmas giftcard ! ahaha Took a trip to Forever21 and bought 1 mickey mouse tank, 1 skirt and 3 necklace ^ ^ Can't wait to wear them !! ^ ^ Haven't decided which outfits to go with the necklaces yet,but I'm sure I can piece something together.

After my mini splurge at Forever21, drove over to McDonalds !! muahahha and ordered myself a mini McChicken meal along with a small side salad ^ ^ And it's all under $5 ! What a deal ! ahahah Yes I actually finished it all and it was soOoo GOOD ! lol


  1. hi gorgeous how are u? cute mickey dress!! i would wear it under a blazer and head off to work lol

    <33 Sharlene

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  3. looove the owl necklace very cute

    loves kadie aka nail fairy xxx

    take a peek <3

  4. thanks for following babe! you're freaking hot! weirdly enough though, i don't think i've had a mcchicken meal before? :|

  5. how cute..i will follow your site :)

  6. Haha I know what you're talking about, I refrained from using my Alice palette for the longest time after I got it xD
    That Mickey T is so cute!!I haven't been to F21 for the longest time, maybe it's time I check it out again!

  7. Hi Trina! If you are going to HK next month I have only one but very important tip for you: SAVE YOUR MONEY NOW! hahahha seriously, your money goes a looooong way over here and you'll be kicking yourself for SPLURGING at F21 when you get here haha. Email me if you are coming to visit, there are a billion places to visit and shop and eat over here XD

  8. aww i love this mickey mouse tank it looks so cute

    its uuuuunfair mcdonalds in cali is so cheap at the moment ..... my bf told me that u can get 20 piece mcnuggets that i love for 5-6$ and we pay 8€uro(10$) over here....lolllll x)

  9. Thanks for following gorgeous! LOVE LOVE LOVE that mickey tank! HAVE to have it! Where did you get it doll!?! Best wishes and keep in touch ;) Now following you too!*