Monday, March 1, 2010

Highlighter and contour in one sexy sweep

This post is for Sandy who previously asked about Benefit's Perfect 10(box o' powder), which is a bronzing & highlighting face powder duo. The pink shimmer on the left makes the skin appear softer and highlighting while the right half bronzer help with contouring, to pronounce your cheekbones more. If you don't have cheekbones like myself it really helps achive the illusion of having cheekbones. ^ ^

1. Don't use the brush that's included, it picks up too much powder, so I highly recommond any fluff brush.
2. You can always suck in your cheeks or pucker up lol in order to know where to apply bronzer. As for highlighter apply on top of the cheekbones.^^ Don't worry, no one is watching lol I do it too, see ! lol


  1. OMG you have amazing hair!!! Do you use a curling iron or flat iron to make the curls?

    Hehe and the highlighter is pretty too ^_~


  2. thank you so much trina. truly appreciate this post. ive been using the bronzer more than the highlighter.. it leaves a very pretty sheen :) i agree with sophia, you have amazing hair xo <3

  3. Hi Sophia ! haha thank you for the sweet compliment ^ ^ I actually use a curling iron 1 1/2 inch. Hope that helps ! Maybe I should make a tutorial on it lol

  4. Hey Sandy ! You're very welcome sweetie. Hope the post helped and also you can swirl them together and use as a blush too. Feel free to ask any time ^ ^

  5. Hehe you're wearing similar outfit? Isn't sooo comfy!

    And YES I'm in SF too! Booo for the rainy weather >.<

    And yes please please do a tutorial on the hair! It's so gorgeous! I'm trying to grow mine out super long too.

  6. I want to go to Benefit and have you give me a makeover ^_^

  7. hiiii ^
    wow i like ur blog simple and pink! lol

    heyyyyy u re make up artist ! cool must be soo expert on make up :D

    benefit ! i dont think i hv this brand here T_T

    followin your blog from now! :)

  8. I love your gorgeous long hair!! Im still getting used to having darker hair since I was so used to having them dyed light X3