Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Good Day ^ ^

[ L.O.V.E. ] Everyone has their own experiences and definition for the term love. When we hear the term love, most of us would think of a significant other. I’ve realized and learned that love comes in all shapes,sizes and forms; from little to a lot of love, from family, friendship, and pet and of course of your other half. Love is always around even when a relationship is over. One might think that the other person no longer loves them, but the truth is love has always been around just that one might have loved the other more.I really hope that everyone will cherish those who are around them and not only take Valentines Day to celebrate your love for them, but rather everyday at least that's what I think ^^

I also want to wish everyone a Happy Valentines Day as well as Happy Chinese New Years ! Hope everyone was able to celebrate this special day with all their loved ones. As for myself, I actually spent most of my day at work...=/ eh? lame huh ? lol However after work I got to spend sometime with my family watching T.V. for a bit ^ ^ afterwards I had to hit the books for one of my exams. Got a lot of work done, a very productive day indeed AND I sold over $1000 in makeup YAY !


  1. thanks for your comment as well! i agree let's keep in touch! : ) i'll be following your blog from now on! and congrats on selling over $1000 in makeup! haha

  2. Totally agree with you on how love comes in all shapes and sizes. I've come to realize this not too long ago. I feel the love is just an unspoken bond you have with another. Doesn't need to be romantic but it is a strong bond. You'd only wish the best for the people you love [like you said doesn't have to be your significant other].

    I don't think it's lame you spent your day at work. Atleast you got to spend time with the family at night and did something productive that you can be proud of [selling $1000 in make up].

  3. i agree.. which is why vday isn't a big deal with my bf and i... we aim to show love everyday not just emphasize it more on one day! belated happy vday and cny! :)

  4. Happy belated Vday & CNY!

    I definitely agree with your LOVE philosophy
    WHOA! congrats on selling $1000 worth in MU... where do you you work m'dear?

    Jess Mai