Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Trina's Cooking Time ><"


  1. Thank you for visiting my blog, as well as, following. :) I'm not too sure what dish this is but it looks mighty delicious... hehe~

  2. wow that looks good is that diff version of bi bim bap? you're so pretty u work for benefit? how juicy is your discount? lol sorry, had to ask!

    all the details of the top are the same but ur right, except for the tail of the bow wth?.. did it get cut off?? LOL the style # on the shirt is TT190 if that helps.. good luck=)


  3. mmm YUM!
    You can defs cook for me anyday!
    I cant cook to save my life.. :(
    But, this dish looks easy enough.. I shall try.. maybe :)

    Jess Mai

  4. oOoOo. This dish looks so colorful and delish!

  5. wow it looks so yummy! please make me somee!

  6. Thank you for telling me what the dish is! I have to ask the same question as Sharlene Kay... hehe~ How much of a discount do you get? :D

  7. ahaha I actually only receive 20%,but of course i get gratis which is FREE ^ ^ ahaha which usually consists 7-12 products =D maybe when i reach a certain amount of followers i'll do a mini benefit giveaway ^^