Wednesday, February 10, 2010

NARS - Blush

YAY ! Another trip to Sephora, the makeup land. ^ ^ I picked up a new blush the other day by NARS - Angelika, a very soft shimmery pink. My favorite combination with Angelika is my One Hot Minute from Benefit. One Hot Minute is a rose gold loose powder for a soft sun kissed look and of course you can pair either of these two items with your favorite blush or bronzer. I apply Angelika with a soft slanted fluff brush and a fan-tail brush for One Hot Minute, it's great for soft layering and easy contouring. I also bought Urban Decay's - Alice in Wonderland their limited edition palette which i'll be reviewing next time ><"


  1. NARS soooo CUTEE !!!

    hey benefit looks awesomee ! :D
    thanks for the website
    yayy they delivery international..


    ur skin type is oily or not ?

  2. thank you for this information about Nars blush :)
    (i'm having a circle lens/jewelry giveaway with Noriki, you can join if you are interested^^)